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FEI Tecnai F30 G2 Twin Transmission Electron Microscope
Missouri's newest high-end TEM will be benifical to those working in nanotechnology, materials, and life sciences. It is capable of performing high resolution and quantitative analyses for serious investigators.

Hitachi S-4700 Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope
Our Cold field emission SEM is capable of high resolution SEM imaging for material samples as well as biological samples.

FEI Quanta 600F Environmental SEM
Missouri's variable pressure SEM is perfect for biological samples and elemental anlysis. It also has several other analytical features!

JEOL JEM-1400 Transmission Electron Microscope
This high performance, high contrast TEM is great for viewing biological samples, nanoparticles, and polymers.

E.A. Fischione Model 1070 Nanoclean Plasma Cleaner
With the ability to control ratios of 3 different gases (Argon, Oxygen and Hydrogen), flow rates and time the Model 1070 Nanoclean Plasma cleaner is ideal for cleaning residual hydrocarbons off TEM holders and samples facilitating better analytical spectroscopy and imaging, as well as making carbon films on TEM grid hydrophilic or selectively thinning the films. Nanoclean 1070 User Manual

Pelco Easiglow Glow Discharge
The Pelco Easiglow was a generous gift from Endowed Chair Linda Randall and has allowed University of Missouri investigators the ability to pursue protein structural analysis via negative staining and cryo-EM. The Easiglow temporarily alters the charge on a carbon film - this charge can be selected by altering the composition of the gas molecules in the chamber of the unit.

FEI Mark IV Vitrobot
The Mark IV Vitrobot is an automated vitrification robot with to form thin vitreous films of ice of specimens < 1 micron in width on holey carbon films. Parameters to vary to get suitable ice include volume, humidity, temperature, blot force, blot time, buffer salt, buffer pH, sample conentration.

Emitech K575x Sputter Coater
The EMC utilizes most commonly a platinum target to sputter a thin conductive layer on specimens that are imaged under the high vacuum of a scanning electron microscope.

Emitech K950 Carbon Evaporator
For specimens that need a conductive layer for high vacuum SEM imaging, however a metal coating may interfere with X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy or identification elemental composition via backscattered electrons, a thin (15 nm) carbon layer can be applied utilizing this instrument.

Gatan Ultrasonic Disc Cutter (Model 601)
For preparation of 3mm disc to fit into a TEM holder, this is the start of preparing a materials specimen for thinning to electron transparency.

Gatan Dimpler (Model 656)
This instrument takes a 3mm disc created with the Model 601 and dimples the specimen to assist with creation of an electron transparent specimen

Gatan Precision Ion Polishing System (Model 691)
Using two argon ion sources, a 3 mm disc is successively abraded under vacuum to create an electron-transparent specimen.

Buehler Four-Stage Grinding and Two-stage polishing table

Buehler Low Speed Diamond Saw

Buehler Abrasamet Saw

The Pelco Biowave
During traditional biological sample preparations, water within specimens is replaced by resin via dehydration. These solution exchanges take considerable time. Microwaves have been employed to facilitate faster solution exchange and is utilized for both TEM and SEM our biological sample preparation .

Tousimis AutoSamdri 815

Leica Ultracut UCT Microtomes & FCS cryo-attachment

Leica EMPACT High Pressure Freezer
Flat specimen carrier instructions
Tube system instructions

Leica EM Automated Freeze Substitution Device

Leica KMR3 Knifemaker

Spin Coater
"The cadillac of spin coaters" with 100 programmable settings, housed in a HEPA-filtered hood, have chucks (1", 1/2" and 3/16" vacuum spin chucks) for substrate sizes from 10 mm - 200 mm. Silcon wafers, PMMA & developer available.